Landmark Life Coaching


Organizations or educational institutions with a veteran population have a very important resource that adds significant value based on their military experience.  Are you interested in investing in this critical resource to show how important they are to your organization or educational institution?  Group Coaching provides the ability to invest into these individuals in a setting where they build a community of support and are able to feel seen, heard and empowered.

Based on years of facilitation experience in building and leading teams for programs of national importance, interviews, podcasting and executive level leadership experience I have developed an eight part Veterans Committed to Excellence Group Coaching program for those in transition to either start a new chapter in their life, move from the military to civilian life or start their own entrepreneurial venture.  This program focuses on living a life of purpose, creating a personal vision, creating goals, seizing opportunity, building confidence, maintaining focus, leveraging your core strengths and understanding the areas you can invest in yourself.  All of these are areas of significant importance to veterans.

Veterans Committed to Excellence

"I believe the coaching provided by Dwayne is greatly beneficial for the Veteran community. As we all know the Army prepares you for the mission at hand and not for what to do when you are no longer in. While in the military our purpose and mission was very clear. After ending our time in service many Veterans find it difficult to discover their new mission in life.   Dwayne’s coaching services help our community rediscover our mission post military life." - Nicholus S., President, College of Southern Maryland Student Veteran Organization

I can work with you to tailor or design, develop and implement a Group Coaching program specific to the needs and requirements that you are looking to satisfy.  Making the program as specific to your organizational needs can be empowering and fulfilling to those participating in the program.

To learn more about my eight-part Group Coaching program or to create a custom Group Coaching program please contact me for more information and to discuss how we can partner to bring this to your organization or educational institution.