Landmark Life Coaching


Going through any transition in life can be a daunting task.  You are leaving something you know and are very comfortable with to venture into something with many unknowns.  With a success partner that will be there as a sounding board, to co-create your personal vision and goals, hold you accountable to achieving your goals and celebrating all the accomplishments along your path to a successful transition this can be an exciting journey and create an empowering and fulfilling future for yourself that inspires those around you.

Over the years I have partnered with many veterans and entrepreneurs in transition to create IDEAL custom one on one coaching programs where the client is in the driver’s seat and sets the course.  Sessions are customized to each clients specific needs – no cookie cutter format, we Co-create aspirational goals to help you be excited and engaged to own and achieve your vision.  For those that don’t know where they want to go I partner them to be inquisitive and discover the possibilities. 

While we honor the past and focus is on where you want to go it’s important you focus on and be in the present as well to enjoy the process.

"My coaching experience with Landmark Life Coaching was very profound. The technique used, helped me to think through areas of concern and to find solutions through self-assessments. Dwayne Paro is a very encouraging coach. He empowered me to be confident in decisions and strategies and has been a constant source of positive reinforcement. I would highly recommend Landmark Life Coaching!" - Liz J., Entrepreneur

To learn more about my IDEAL custom coaching program that I offer to each individual client please contact me for more information and discuss the transition you are going through.  We can do a free complimentary session so you can see the power of the IDEAL coaching framework and get a feel for my style as a Coach.

"The value gained extends beyond our conversation to the interactions during the week and the daily accountability in making new calls and staying in contact with our existing partners." Shane H., Entrepreneur