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Dwayne understands what it's like to to feel a lack of identity during and after transition when you have served in a role for something of a greater purpose, he has walked this path and as a result is passionate about partnering with others.  Feeling this lack of identity doesn't have to be your future!

Dwayne's Transition Empowerment Course provides the framework you need to lead a fulfilling and empowering future that allows you to continue to serve a greater purpose.  This five part course is what will provide that holistic approach you are missing.  Let's move forward together on a path to success!


Dwayne see's a large number of military members in transition looking to establish a secure plan for the future of their family in an unknown environment.  Are you looking for that Team environment that allows you to be supported by others in the same stages of transition?  No military member should ever feel lost in their transition to a fulfilling and empowering future!

Dwayne's Veterans Committed to Excellence Program brings together like minded military members in transition or veterans for a sixteen week and eight part group transition program that establishes the entire foundation you need to become successful.  Having fellow military members and veterans in lock step through the process provides the support and network you need!  Let's get started and empower each other!


Like you, Dwayne understands that there is a sea of resources that are not connected in a holistic approach creating uncertainty and lack of clarity.  Not knowing where to go for advisement and support can be daunting and overwhelming.

Have you ever wanted to join a group of high performing individuals who hold you accountable, challenge you, work through upper limit challenges, partner in problem solving, share the best and newest practices, in a holistic approach for both personal and professional growth? Look no further this group has been formed just for YOU!


Liz J.


"My coaching experience with Landmark Life Coaching was very profound. The technique used, helped me to think through areas of concern and to find solutions through self-assessments. Dwayne Paro is a very encouraging coach. He empowered me to be confident in decisions and strategies and has been a constant source of positive reinforcement. I would highly recommend Landmark Life Coaching!" 

Shane H.


"The value gained extends beyond our conversation to the interactions during the week and the daily accountability in making new calls and staying in contact with our existing partners." 

Nicholus S.

President, College of Southern Maryland Student Veteran Organization

"I believe the coaching provided by Dwayne is greatly beneficial for the Veteran community. As we all know the Army prepares you for the mission at hand and not for what to do when you are no longer in. While in the military our purpose and mission was very clear. After ending our time in service many Veterans find it difficult to discover their new mission in life. Dwayne’s coaching services help our community rediscover our mission post military life." 


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