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  • Dwayne’s focus on highlighting the veteran community is paving the way for our service members.  From his consulting services at Landmark Life Coaching to distributing a free messaging platform for veterans on Charlie Mike Podcast, his expertise, dedication, and passion shines.  I cannot wait to read The Empowered Veteran so I can learn more about how I can help support our veterans.

    - Lindsey G., Founder of Germono Advertising Company and Host of Drop and Give Me 20 Podcast

  • It gives me enormous pleasure to give Dwayne Paro, the highest recommendation possible as a very caring leader, role model, and dedicated professional life and business coach. Dwayne is a successful executive, veteran and entrepreneur who has an unswerving commitment to support our very under served veterans. He is a passionate trailblazer who has earned "his stripes" as the go to professional for enhancing the quality of life for our beloved veterans.

    In addition to creating programs to help veterans leap forward, he has built an exceptional nation-wide network of the very best professionals and organization serving our veterans.

    I have coached thousands of individuals. I have never been more astounded by how quickly Dwayne has reached his selfless goals to make a difference in the lives of our very neglected veterans. Dwayne's passion, wisdom, work ethic, courage, kind heart and astounding perseverance will inspire me for the rest of my life.

    Dwayne is deeply respected by all who know him.

    - Chrissy C., Master Certified Coach

  • You were instrumental in helping me grow, so I can see why you got into the life coaching business.

    - Adam R., Senior Level Professional

  • My coaching experience with Landmark Life Coaching was very profound. The technique used, helped me to think through areas of concern and to find solutions through self assessments. Dwayne Paro is a very encouraging coach. He empowered me to be confident in decisions and strategies and has been a constant source of positive reinforcement. I would highly recommend Landmark Life Coaching!

    - Liz J., Entrepreneur

  • At our monthly membership meetings, we invite speakers to help our members know about people who are working in our community and the ways those people can help us.  When Dwayne Paro of Landmark Life Coaching came to our March meeting, we were joined by 9 high school seniors from the Key Club of LaPlata High School.   Dwayne explained to us how he works to inspire others to live their life’s purpose.  We learned about his techniques and how he can help people.  Our Kiwanis Club is a community service organization that focuses on the needs of children.   After our meeting, several members told me how impressed they were with Dwayne’s approach and his unique way of helping others.  If you need some guidance, I highly recommend that you call Dwayne.

    – Jim G., Esquire and President, Kiwanis Club of LaPlata

  • I've been working with Dwayne for about a year now, As a Coach, Dwayne is highly professional, insightful, empathetic and creative. He offers his clients a deep understanding of their situation and artfully guides them to their own solutions. As a human being, Dwayne is caring, helpful, intelligent, adventurous,relaxed and has a great sense of humor. It's been a pleasure working with Dwayne and getting to know him. If you're a veteran or anyone else looking for guidance in transitioning, you can't go wrong with Dwayne as your coach.

    - Julie H., Coach

  • I believe the coaching provided by Dwayne is greatly beneficial for the Veteran community. As we all know the Army prepares you for the mission at hand and not for what to do when you are no longer in. While in the military our purpose and mission was very clear. After ending our time in service many Veterans find it difficult to discover their new mission in life.   Dwayne’s coaching services help our community rediscover our mission post military life.

    - Nicholus S., President, College of Southern Maryland Student Veteran Organization


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