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Are you looking to transition from the military or have you already transitioned but want to take your future to the next level?


This ultimate guide contains a focus on how to identify and utilize the core strengths you developed or enhanced in the military. As well it will walk you through the various plans you will need to create and put in place. Being able to invest in yourself is key to success, pick a couple areas of those covered in the last part of the book and move forward with strength and confidence.


This book has been compiled from many years of experience as Dwayne served in the military, worked his way through the corporate world to an executive position and into being an entrepreneur!

What Others Are Saying

Senior Coach Carlos

Vet Advisor

I have read countless books over the past few years dealing with the subject matter in this book. 

What is refreshing is the context, the arrangement, the crossover of different aspects (life, financial, education, etc), and the tone of this book that makes it valuable. 

This is a good primer for any veteran entering the journey of transition from military to civilian-- not the final destination, but it will help put them in the correct frame of mind and prepare them for what comes ahead.

The delivery of the right amount of information, focused on the right topic, to urge the reader to take action.”

Marjorie K. Eastman

Army veteran, award-winning author, The Frontline Generatio

“The Empowered Veteran shines a light on those unshakable attributes that differentiate veterans as the force multiplier they are in our economy and communities. Hiring managers and investors need to read this book, too; it will help them become familiar with our core strengths. I wish I had this resource when I transitioned from the Army. Thank you, Dwayne, for your exceptional commitment to our brothers and sisters.”

Andrew Marr, Green Beret

co-founder of Warrior Angels Foundation, co-host of The Warrior Soul podcast

“Dwayne Paro has put together a straightforward plan of action for transitioning service members and veterans. Read and implement the strategies covered in this book and become empowered to master your transition and life.”


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