Landmark Life Coaching

Transition Empowerment Course

  • Six One on One video sessions over 12 weeks
    • Week 1 – Module 1
    • Week 2 – Module 2
    • Week 3 – Module 3
    • Week 4 – Module 4 and 5
    • Week 5 – Module 6 and 7
    • Week 6 – Module 8
  • Access to the facilitator between video calls
  • Access to tools for each area covered
  • Invitation to join the Heroes Mastermind
  • $600

Do any of the common stumbling blocks below resonate with why you are not feeling empowered and fulfilled in your transition?

  • Lacking a clear vision
  • Not setting achievable goals with action plans that deliver results
  • Susceptible to chasing shiny objects and maintaining focus
  • Have great ideas and aspirations but lack the confidence to bring it all together
  • Don’t know your strengths and how to identify opportunities that align
  • Want to get started but aren’t sure what areas are most important to invest in

What empowerment will you get out of this investment?

  • Clear purpose driven vision
  • Goals that will stretch you outside of your comfort zone
  • Action plans to achieve the goals
  • Clear opportunities to focus on
  • Confidence to move ahead on a path to success using your core strengths
  • Ongoing desire to invest in yourself for success